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Mar's Market Report #8

By Margaret McGaffey Fisk
Margaret McGaffey Fisk


Publication announcements from members of online writing communities are valuable resources for writers at the beginning of their careers. Though the communities may contain members at many levels of publication, overall, markets listed in these announcements tend to be open to new writers.

All the markets presented in this column came from a publication announcement. I receive announcements from various sources including Vision; The Critter's Workshop; Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror; and the SF and Fantasy Workshop. These announcements are all available online. They list markets at varying levels of payment so if you use these resources, be careful to research the market yourself before submitting. Even the list below should be used as a signpost, rather than a definitive answer about any market as situations do change. Reputable sites such as are good places to get the latest news. Ralan's and Quintamid Market Database have been known to have information not yet listed on the publisher website. However, always check the publisher's guidelines as well.

While some of the markets that appear in this column might not offer "pro" rates, they all provide some compensation.  In my opinion, offering payment is an indication of the editor/publisher's commitment and so, in many cases, markets with some compensation are more likely to stay around because they have considered the economics of running a publication.


Genre Speculative Fiction
Title Strange Horizons
Editor Jed Hartman, Senior Editor
Susan Marie Groppi
Karen Meisner
Address None
Sub Email
Specifics Looking for speculative fiction stories with underrepresented perspectives and background. They like some literary depth and delicate, complex handling of political issues. This is a free online magazine so samples are easily available. Also accepts articles, poetry, reviews and artwork
Requirement Stories up to 9000 but under 5000 strongly preferred
Payment $0.05 per word (or 5 cents) with a $50 minimum
URL for site
URL for guidelines


Genre Dark Fiction
Title Dark Discoveries
Editor None Listed
Address Elder Signs Press
P.O. Box 389
Lake Orion, MI 48361-0389
Sub Email
Specifics Looking for quality dark fiction, stylish rather than gory. No time period or genre restriction. Also accepts poetry, book reviews and non-fiction articles
Requirement Prefers 5000 words or less for fiction
Payment $0.01 to $0.05 per word with a $5.00 minimum for fiction. Other pay rates for nonfiction and poetry.
URL for site
URL for guidelines


Genre Articles, Essays, Interviews, Reviews and Criticism
Title Internet Review of Science Fiction Magazine
Editor Editor in Chief: Joy Ralph
Section Editors:
Travitt Hamilton (Essays)
Yoon Ha Lee (Articles)
Carey McGee (Reviews)
Address None
Sub Email
Specifics Looking for articles, essays, interviews, reviews, and criticism regarding works in the science fiction and fantasy genres. Reviews must be in-depth literary criticism. Query for interviews and time-sensitive material. The submissions deadline for a specific issue is by the 7th of that month for publication on the 21st.
Requirement No length restrictions. The article must work.
Payment $70 per article regardless of length.
URL for site
URL for guidelines


Genre Speculative and Imaginative Fiction
Title Abyss & Apex
Editor Carol Burrell (Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor)
Aleta Daknis (Associate Editor and Poetry Editor)
Lynda Beauregard (Submissions Editor)
Benjamin Buchholz (Submissions Editor)
Mary Jo Jeffers (Submissions Editor)
Amy Valleau (Submissions Editor)
Address None
Sub Email
Specifics Looking for character-driven speculative and imaginative fiction from a broad range of social and cultural perspectives. Dark speculative is okay, but horror is not. Also looking for speculative poetry. Note: very specific submission format and reading periods so read the guidelines.
Requirement Shorts up to 10,000 and flash up to 1000.
Payment $0.05 cents per word up to 1500, $75 for longer stories. Poems are $5
URL for site
URL for guidelines


Genre Children's Stories in All Genres
Title Story Station
Editor Mark Justice, Editor
Randi Lynn Mrvos, Assistant Editor
Address None
Sub Email
Specifics Stories must contain one protagonist between 6 and 12 and must have an upbeat ending. The goal is entertainment though a dose of real world education is not prohibited. No excessive violence, sex, abuse or foul language allowed.
Requirement Stories must be between 1500 and 3000 words
Payment $0.01 (1 cent) per word.
URL for site
URL for guidelines