Issue # 19
January/February 2004
Featuring an Interview with Selina Rosen

Welcome to the nineteenth issue of Vision!  We are starting our fourth year in production with a look at the different genres and what draws people to write in them.

Vision is undergoing a few changes for the new year, at least in appearance.  Our direction, however,  will remain the same.  We hope that writers will continue to find interesting and helpful articles in each issue.  And we hope that, as authors, you will contribute your own articles to help others.

In the next five issues we'll cover writing novels, short works, critiquing (both for yourself and others), marketing, and fun toys for writers -- as well as articles of general interest to writers.

Where's Holly?

After several years of extensive, time consuming work at Forward Motion and Vision, Holly has stepped back to take more time with both her career and her family. She asked that I remove her name from both sites since she dislikes the idea of writers putting their names on material they are not directly involved in.

However, Holly Lisle will always be a part of the work that is done through FM and Vision.  It was Holly's intention to pay forward to new writers (including me, about a decade ago), that has brought so many authors to the site and helped them reach their first publications.  Forward Motion and Vision will continue under Holly's original ideas, and when she has time again we will likely get an article or two on writing.

Thank you Holly, for all the years you've devoted to helping out.  Good luck with the new novels and the growing career.

In the mean time, everything will continue along the same lines as before.  So stick around and see what another year brings us.

And good luck to everyone with your writing!


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