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Lazette Gifford, Editor

Good News From Forward Motion

Latest publishing news from our members.

Memory of Fire -- Take a look at the big cover here ...Holly's latest book is in the bookstores!  If you can't find it order it from your local book stores!  (This is better for authors than ordering on-line -- it keeps their numbers up where they count!)

Holly Lisle's Talyn and Romantic Fantasy #2 have sold to Tor!

Justin Stanchfield --  Justin Stanchfield has had acceptances from Elysian Fiction, Scrybe Press, Flashshot and Amazing Journies.

Kiervin -- Hawaiian Parent ran "The Benefits of Sports for School-aged Children" and "Games that Make Learning Fun" in the October/November issue.   "Safe on Two Wheels" ran in Dec/Jan issue

Night_Writer --Metroseven is publishing  a poem in the December 2003 issue.

Patter sold the story Succubus to Bloodlust

Lazette Gifford has two new ebooks released:

In 2039 Los Angeles, half ruined by devastating quakes, is in the hands of three policing forces -- the National Feds, the State Militia and the city's own Local force, all of them squabbling over jurisdiction.  Religious intolerance grows under the watchful eye of the CCP, and survival is a precarious game of chance and cunning.

And in this maelstrom of disaster, two Local detectives working on their first case together, try to find a drug dealer with a secret he's willing to sell -- if he lives long enough.

Unfortunately, Elias Singer is about to learn that his new partner has a dangerous secret all his own...

Singer and St. Jude:
The Lost Cause

Eons ago powerful mages cursed all magical beings to walk the land only in the dead of the night. The people of Dodano hide behind their shuttered windows and locked doors, never looking upon the creatures in the moon light. Gradually growing to despise all magic, they have even turned against the mages and outlawed their powerful art.

However, now an evil that will not be stopped by mere locked doors is stalking the humans.

A shame that in their righteous zeal the people murdered the last true mage, leaving only Dacey, the apprentice, to stand between them and destruction -- that is if they don't capture and kill him as well.

Dacey's Dream