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Market Listing

Mar's Market Report #1

By Margaret McGaffey Fisk
2004, Margaret McGaffey Fisk

In 2003, Vision published an article of mine about submitting fiction manuscripts.  Included in the article, I suggested culling publication announcements for possible markets, especially those friendly to previously unpublished writers.

When the Forward Motion December 2003 Market challenge began, I realized I needed to take my own advice.  The markets presented in this column were found in various "woo hoo" lists.  Though many of the markets also appear on reputable sites, such as, by finding them in the publication announcement reports, I have concrete knowledge they are open to new and/or unpublished authors.

While many of these markets don't offer "pro" rates, they all provide some compensation.  In my opinion, offering payment is an indication of the editor/publisher's commitment and so markets with some compensation are more likely to stay around. 


Taking the Plunge in Issue 18 of Vision:

 has an incorrect statement: 

Some sites, such as Critter's Workshop, only provide this information to members, while others publish the information for everyone. 

Critter's Workshop is not a valid example because, in addition to the members-only email, the publication announcements are available to the public:



Romantic Fiction (all genres)      

Title Arabella
Editor Melissa Wohl (Editor-in-Chief), Sharon Lloyd (Managing Editor)

Arabella Romances Magazine
1735 Market Street, Suite A-523
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Sub Email
Specifics Looking for romantic fiction of any genre.  Check guidelines for specific needs and what they have too many of already.
Requirement 750 to 4,500 words.  Send 2 copies if by mail
Payment 10 cents per word
URL for site
URL for guidelines


Genre Fiction for Teens
Title Cicada

Editor: Editor-in-Chief: Marianne Carus
Executive Editor: Deborah Vetter
Associate Editor: Tracy C. Schoenle
Senior Art Director: Ron McCutchan


Submissions Editor
CICADA Magazine
P.O. Box 300

Peru, IL 61354

Sub Email none
Specifics For 14-years and up.  Publishes original short stories, poems and first person essays for teens and young adults.  Genre's include: contemporary, historical fiction, adventure, humor, satire, fantasy, science fiction as long as the protagonist is over 13 and the content is high school to college focused.
Requirement Fiction and articles up to 5,000 words, Novellas up to 15,000, Porems 25 lines.
Payment up to 25 cents per word, poems up to $3 per line
URL for site
URL for guidelines




Editor No editors listed on website only Todd, Esther or Erika in the FAQ no last names I can see

Story House Coffee
4019 SE Hawthorne Blvd
, OR 97214 (Not for submissions)

Sub Email
Specifics Looking for stories or essays that would read well on coffee cans.  Open to any genre except horror and looking for positive pieces.
Requirement Story must break easily into 1000 word chunks or be under 1000 words.
Payment 10-20 cents per word
URL for site
URL for guidelines



Fiction/speculative fiction  

Title Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet
Editor Gavin J. Grant (Editor/publisher) and Kelly Link (editor)

Address: 176 Prospect Ave.

Northampton, MA 01060

Sub Email  
Specifics Looking for fiction, non-fiction and poetry with a trend toward speculative.  No gore, sword and sorcery or pornography. Some samples at:
Payment "We do not pay much. Neither do we publish often. The paper edition of LCRW comes out twice yearly, the web version with a few bits from the paper and a few other things sometimes, well, you know. This website, although we publish on it, is not a paying market."
URL for site
URL for guidelines



Historical/Speculative Fiction   

Title Paradox
Editor Christopher M. Cevasco, Editor
Address Paradox, P.O. Box 22897, Brooklyn, NY 11202-2897
Sub Email  
Specifics Overstocked on speculative until Apr 1, 2004 (only accepts speculative with historical themes) but needs historical fiction right now.
Requirement No word limit but prefers 2000-9000 words
Payment 3-5 cents per word up to $450 + 4 contributor copies
URL for site
URL for guidelines