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Lazette Gifford


With NaNoWriMo starting, many people are going to be frantic for everything from names to story ideas for their work.  Here are a number of links that might help people during the NaNo madness -- and they might even be helpful at other, less stressful times!

Also be sure to check out Name, Name, Who's Got the Name by Gerri Baker, a Vision article on name generation sites.  

There are a lot more Name generator sites listed at NaNo as well.  Here is the link to the Generator links? Need names and such, add one here! on NaNoWriMo.  There are a lot of interesting links there!

Don't have a story idea yet?  Well you can always use the Story Generator Forward Motion used for the Story a Day challenge!

Marion Webster Dictionary on-line.

Very nice.  Generate maps of cities, taverns, worlds, multiple worlds... there's all kinds of fun toys to just try out here.

The Advanced Dungeon and Dragon Inn Generator.  Actually might be helpful, even in non-fantasy stories.

A generator for City names.  Kind of fun!

Or maybe you need to know the location for something in the real world?

Well, not everyone needs to find out information on patron saints, but you never know....

This one analyzes names and might help you find the right one, or develop some oddity about a character.

Fairy Tale generator.  Interesting idea...

How about a random magical power?

The Skyview Café... a wonderful site to find out if there is (or was) a full moon on a certain night, or maybe find out the exact time the sun will rise on a certain date in a certain area... very nice!

Need to see what a certain gun looks like?  Try this one!

Links to all kinds of calendar type things.  Helpful if you're using a non Julian dating system.

How about the Bureau of Labor Statistics?  You never know when a few odd facts and figures might help!

Quotes by authors

Rules to live by for you secondary characters...

And another one just for fun -- Create rather silly Irish curses...

Somehow, this one just seems right for writers (It's a video, so don't attempt if you have a slow machine...)

And finally... the kind of story that NaNo might engender a few too many times...