Submissions and Rejections

Issue # 18
November/December, 2003

Featuring an Interview 
Chris Baty

Welcome to the final issue of 2003. 

It can't really be that late in the year, can it?  Once again I find myself amazed to realize how fast the year has passed.  Another six issues (18 in all) have seen publication.  It's been a very good run for the last three years!

In this issue we are looking at what might possibly be the hardest part of being a writer -- submitting material to editors, and accepting that most often that will lead to rejections.

I think, perhaps, everyone went a little crazy in the last couple months.  I've never had so many fun, and funny, articles turn up in one batch, from Holly's workshop to Valerie Comer's Character Driven Plotting, and Chelley Park's Anatomy of a Critique.  I hope that you get as much enjoyment out of them as I have.  This is the NaNoWriMo issue as well, with a few little bits and pieces for those of us who are crazy enough to leap into the morass.

Vision has, I think, proven itself in the field.  It is taken seriously as a good resource for writers.  So it's time that writers submitting to it get a little bit back as well.  Starting with the next issue we will pay one half cent per word for articles.  That isn't a lot of money, and it is an experiment.  We might not continue for long.  But check out  Important Information: Upcoming Changes for Vision.

I look forward to another year of Vision.



We have a tentative theme schedule for 2004!

January/February -- Favorite Genres 

March/April -- Writing Novels 

May/June -- Writing Shorter Fiction 

July/August -- The Fine Points of Critiquing 

September/October -- Essentials of Marketing 

November/December -- Toys for Writers

These are not entirely 'set' as of yet, so watch the next issue for more information and details on what each theme will include.  But also remember that we are always looking for writing-related articles of any type!

(Check out our Guidelines for more information -- and remember that we're always looking for articles that are writing related in anyway. The themes are only part of each issue!)


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