Vision: A Resource for Writers
Lazette Gifford, Editor

Welcome to the November-December issue of Vision

I'm ecstatic.  I have only 275 pages to go on Talyn!  I know this sounds crazy.  275 pages is still a lot.  But I now have 925 pages done, so it seems like such a little bit remaining.

A lot of writing is like that.  It's all about your perspective -- the work can seem hard or easy, depending on what you've already done and what is still ahead of you.  But no matter what your current obstacles are, getting started on them will cut them down to size in a hurry.  Back on May 1st, I still had all 1200 pages ahead of me.  I've been doing this thing in steady, chewable bites, and I have it nearly knocked.

So where are you right now?  Never finished anything before?  Have the first book done but drowning in revisions?  Have a dozen books done, but cold feet about this special book that could be your breakthrough?

Just dig in.  Take small bites regularly and keep going until you're done.  It doesn't have to be perfect in first draft.  It just has to be done, because you can only revise what you've already written.  If you're revising, have a plan, and stick to your plan, and most of all, no matter what you're doing, trust yourself and have faith in your story.

Keep writing, keep believing, and NEVER give up on your dream.