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Looking to the New Year

A Survey of Forward Motion Members
2003, Forward Motion


It's hard to believe that 2004 is already just around the corner.   It is nearly time to put away the goals and hopes for 2003, and look what we hope to accomplish for the next year.

As a writer, I have always used the New Year as a symbolic breaking point with what I've done and what I want to do.  One of my personal rules is to have everything I've worked on during the year finished by 11:59PM on December 31st.  When I sit down to the computer for the first time on January 1, it is with the feeling that I can do -- and try -- anything I want.  I have cleared the boards.

Is this the year I'll try my hand at historical fiction?  I'm not sure yet.  However, I do have one goal that has stayed consistent down through the years -- I intend to have fun.

Good luck in 2004!

And here is what several people at Forward Motion said about the upcoming year: 

Zeon's Goals

Posted by Zeon

By the end of next year I want to see myself...


1. Writing consistently, on a schedule, regardless of how tired/depressed/sick of the story I am.

2. Finish a book - any book! - with bonus points for submitting it.

3. Have several short story rejections or (joy of joys!) acceptance letters on the wall above my desk.



Ann's stuff

Posted by Shadawyn 

Since I graduate college in 2004 and that will bring some lifestyle changes, I hope to keep up my writing schedule and continue to produce, even through finding and (hopefully) having a new job. 

I want to have the courage to keep novels out the door and submitted regularly to agents and publishers, even in the face of rejection. 

And I'd like to work on the quality of my first drafts, to get cleaner copies. 

Oh, and I want at least one more novel out the door by the end of the year. Preferably two. 

Vernieda's Plans

Posted by yume

Next year, I'd like to: 

Submit short stories to markets on a regular (monthly?) basis.

Revise Last Rite and start querying agents and/or publishers regarding it.

Write another novel, preferably two. 

Claire's goals

Posted by peace_love_writing 

1) Completely revise/rewrite the two novels I will (hopefully) have done.  

2) Write at least two more novels. 

3) Get into the habit of doing better, more thorough worldbuilding. 

4) Stop letting myself take entire months off from my writing. 

RE: Looking to the New Year -- for Vision

Posted by mamarose1900 

I want to continue to build consistency in my writing. That's something that's proved to be a gradual process. When you try to change any habit, it's a gradual process, so I'm happy with all signs of progress in that area. 

I want to finish my NaNo novel and revise it. This is the just for fun novel. The one I'm playing with in order to learn specific things like how much prewriting I need to do.  

I want to write Butler Dunnit, revise, edit and submit it for publication. 

I want to finish the worldbuilding and start one book in the Magitech worlds. If the year goes well, I'd like to finish it and start something new for next year's NaNo. Otherwise, maybe this one will be the NaNo book next year. We'll see. 

Mainly, I want to hit my stride in my writing. I want to gain the confidence that I can do what I set out to do. The writing I'm planning to do between now and the end of 2004 should get me to that place. 

RE: Looking to the New Year -- for Vision

Posted by anj 

My writing goals for 2004 are:

- to finish the first draft of my current wip.

- start on revision of same

- start conceptualizing/outlining a new novel

- submit at least 1 short story

- investigate non-fiction writing

- get into a consistent writing habit 

Considering that I only decided to start writing seriously this summer, it's probably biting off more than I can chew -- but my mom never did manage to break me from that habit. :)

Kellie's Goals

Posted by khazell1 

Wow, thinking about 2004 already. *shudders with excitement and dread* 

My Goals:

1) Write creatively every day. Even if it's just a couple paragraphs for a writing exercise or even a haiku. But lines of creative writing will come out of these fingertips every single day next year. 

2) Keep trying to get Human Dignity represented and/or published. 

3) Finish a draft of my first romance attempt Red Rocks. I need to see how I handle this genre in a completed story before I can judge whether or not I'm any good at it. 

4) Adapt my organic writing process into a form that doesn't cheat the organic but also prevents the mountain of revisions I'm facing for Human Dignity. Also part of this, find a writing schedule that is free enough for my organic process but sturdy enough to guide my writing. 

5) Start (and finish a draft, please) my fantasy Strings of Betrayal. 

Andi's Goals

Posted by WynterLyre 

I'm not even ready to think about 2004, but I did come up with some goals after really thinking about it: 

1) Complete Sing Down the Wind (first draft). 

2) Complete and submit all short stories that are currently taking up space on my desk and being worthless (there's about four of them). 

3) Set an official writing time/duration for each day and stick to it, even if I'm not working on an actual WIP. Any writing can count. 

4) Keep circulating my two current submissions until they find homes (yes, I fully expect them to continue into next year). 

Reasonable, I think. :) 

Linda's look ahead at 2004

Posted by Linda Jo Martin 

In 2004 I expect to improve on my capacity to believe in myself and in my ability to write well. I want more confidence in myself as a writer. 

I'd also like to have writing time scheduled for every morning, and the persistence and stubbornness to stick with my scheduled hours. 


Julia's goals

Posted by Brenria 

Knowing me and the way I change goals, I'd better keep these pretty general: 

1. Keep myself writing at least somewhat consistently.

2. Finish and start submitting at least one novel.

3. Write more short stories and start submitting them. Ditto poems.

4. Finish more novels, and stop ignoring a WIP after I get about 15k into it. 

MarFisk's Goals

Posted by MarFisk 


Get published! 


1) Continuing writing, revising and submitting short stories 

2) Get a handle on the editing process so I'm closer to Holly's one-step revision 

3) Finish editing both Flyers Series books and possibly write the third.  

4) Keep submitting Destiny's Path to agents and publishers 

5) Edit and submit Return of the Queen 

6) Write at least one more complete novel. 

Eep! That's quite a list but if I achieve even a few, I'll feel like I accomplished something.  

Alex's Goals

Posted by bregorzloth 

1) Fully revise Darkness in the Forest and send it on the rounds.

2) Finish the first draft for The Twilight Trilogy: Shadows over Voril by next Christmas.

3) Participate in NaNoWriMo next year--too much coursework this time round (next year I'm free! :) )

4) Write lots more short stories and send them off.

5) Write lots more articles.

Maripat's vision

Posted by maripat 

Wow 2004!  

Okay goals that I have power over: 

- Start and finish my second novel.

- Have the revisions done.

- Send it out to agents/publishers.

- Keep sending out my first novel until it finds a home. (Which I started sending out last week.) 

Pretty much keep up this pace. A goal that I don't have power over -- get published in 2004. 


Andi's 2004 Goals

Posted by Fetu 

Get Best of Enemies polished and beautiful and out to the requesting editor at Silhouette. If the gods are smiling, this one will sell. If not, then there will be time to do a third collab and get it out there. If the third collab doesn't sell, June & I have to discuss options again. 

Get either or both of Forever Beloved and Murphy's Law finished, polished and out the door. 

Begin the rewrite on Eirinn, Weep For Thee and, hopefully finish it, submitted for publication. 

I'm very big on getting things off my hard drive and onto publisher's desks for next year--can you tell? 

I'd like to be collecting some sort of contest prizes next year. I'm entering several contests which will announce winners next spring and fall. 

Get my butt to Pike's Peak Writer's Conference (hopefully to collect the contest win there too!) in April. Nothing like a great writer's conference to get super-psyched about writing again! 

And last, but certainly not least, read for FUN more than I read for research in 2004. That'll be a tricky one, I'm sure.

Jonc's Goals

Posted by Jonc 

Next year I plan on rewriting my second book in the series I'm working on, and hopefully starting book 3 soon after that. I also plan on picking up a second project to work on (I have a few on the back burner), something "lighter" than the epic series! 

As usual, I'd like to get my word count up. At present (autumn '03) it's very low, due to work and a malfunctioning computer, but during a good run I can hit over 1000 words in two hours. I'm hoping to hit a bit higher next year. 

And of course, I have yet another goal: find an agent and/or a publisher and get published!! :D 

Jean's look to the New Year -- for Vision

Posted by jschara 

I've been pleasantly surprised with my progress in 2003.  

- Until recently I did quite well with consistency in the monthly marathons, and I'm at peace with my reasons for not competing/completing in the months I did not achieve my goal.

- I exceeded my expectations for the Labor of Love Challenge and learned a lot about my capabilities for getting words on paper.

- I plan to cement that confidence or enhance that experience during NaNoWriMo.

- None of this is really visible to anyone but me, but I see huge strides forward. 

For 2004, some general goals: 

- Continue working for consistency. Do Morning Pages (whenever I decide it works best to do them), continue to participate in monthly marathons, and maintain Blogs.

- Continue participating at Forward Motion

- Capture more writing ideas and consistently document them for future use.

- Learn how much pre-writing work I need to do to effectively capture a story.

- Learn more about how to structure a book.

- Write some shorts and continue writing non-fiction articles and submitting them

- Later in the year, begin actively learning more about the business side of writing and begin planning submissions

- For now, work on consistency and volume with an eye for getting quality in the first or second draft (for now, I'm more interested in getting words out, but eventually I want to tame that to quality words. I believe when I am able to consistently produce volume, I'll be able to tame in the quality). 


RE: Looking to the New Year -- for Vision

Posted by pkurilla, Wed Dec-31-69 05:00 PM 

I want to finish the rewrite of my 2002 NaNovel, Nemesis. 

I want to finish the first draft of at least one more novel. 

I want to build my writing consistency, spending some time each day actively writing, plotting, or researching. 

RE: Looking to the New Year -- for Vision

Posted by snitchcat 

Hmm... am I in time? 

Anyway, what I'd like to accomplish in 2004 is rather simple: 

Get my hectic life schedule into some sort of order that allows me to write more each day. :) 

Take care,


RE: Looking to the New Year -- for Vision

Posted by valeriecomer 

Hmm, goals for 2004... 

To maintain consistency in writing habits. 

To hone my grammar skills. 

To write two more novels. 

To polish and begin submitting two novels. 

To have no computer breakdowns... 


Brady's goals

Posted by Brady 

My goal is basically to do everything the same as I've always done, but spend less time worrying and more time writing. 

I resolve to finish a novel and submit it, several thousand times if need be, and have it accepted. 

I resolve to NEVER let my job take over my writing, or to let my writing become a job. 

Like every year, I resolve to be a writer, as much as I possibly can. 

So. That's me, pretty much. 

sswain's goals

Posted by sswain

Mostly to actually write the novels for all the outlines I'm putting together right now. 

Robyn's Goals

Posted by kithrobyn 

1. Keep writing consistently

2. Remember to have fun with my writing and not turn it into a chore

3. Finish and revise my work in process

4. Finish NaNoWriMo

5. Start, finish and revise another YA novel 



Steph's 2004 Writing Plan

Posted by stephjr 

I plan on sending out queries on my first novel ::gulp::, editing and finishing the second, and writing the first draft of the third.