Vision: A Resource for Writers
Lazette Gifford, Editor

Important Information:
Upcoming Changes for Vision


This is the final issue of our third year of publication.  Amazing!  When I first suggested Vision in the last months of 2000, I had no idea what I was really getting into, of course.  In this year alone we have published close to 200,000 words.  That means I have edited and published about two novels' worth of non-fiction material just in 2003.

Vision takes a significant amount of time to put together, and the patience of the gods when things start falling farther and farther behind.  It's not easy work, but the end product has always seemed well worth the effort.

I'd like to thank Ellen Wright for all the work she's done in copyediting, as well as the writers who contributed material.  It's been a good three years, and I hope we can continue for several more.

So, what is this important change I'm talking about?  Starting in 2004 Vision will pay half a cent per word for articles.  That's not much money, and we're going to be asking a lot for that half cent -- both ezine rights as well as the right to publish anything we choose in a POD 'Best of' Anthology at the end of the year.  By printing the anthology, we hope to make back the funds that I will be putting into Vision to buy the articles and perhaps even make enough to fund the following year's article acquisitions.

We will be limiting the number of articles bought, and 2000 words ($10) will be the cut off point for payment.  All the other guidelines remain the same.  I will be looking for articles on theme-related, general writing and genre topics.  If you have some suggestion that you think might help another writer, consider writing it into an article and submitting it to Vision.