Rewrites and Revisions

Issue # 17
September/October, 2003

Featuring an Interview 
Wen Spencer

2003 John W. Campbell Winner for best new writer!

ello again!  Welcome to the seventeenth issue of Holly Lisle's Vision: A Resource for Writers.  This has turned out to be the issue that almost didn't make it.  The number of disasters and changes that piled up between the last issue and this one defies the odds of chance.

But here we are -- revising and rewriting in life as we do in fiction.  I use the chances given to me by rewrites to fill in the gaps, add in the details, as well as fix the plot problems.  Many others write far more complete first drafts, and edit only for style and grammar.

However you approach the art of revision, always remember that there is no reason to fear or dislike it.  It is just as much a part of a writer's life as the first draft.

There are, as usual, great articles in this issue, with not only help on our theme but also other aspects of writing.  I hope you enjoy it!

We have only one more theme issue in the works:

November/December -- Submissions and Rejections (Deadline, October 1, 2003)



We have a tentative theme schedule for 2004!

January/February -- Favorite Genres 

March/April -- Writing Novels 

May/June -- Writing Shorter Fiction 

July/August -- The Fine Points of Critiquing 

September/October -- Essentials of Marketing 

November/December -- Toys for Writers

These are not entirely 'set' as of yet, so watch the next issue for more information and details on what each theme will include.  But also remember that we are always looking for writing-related articles of any type!

(Check out our Guidelines for more information -- and remember that we're always looking for articles that are writing related in anyway. The themes are only part of each issue!)


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