Vision: A Resource for Writers
Lazette Gifford, Editor


By Lazette Gifford
2003, Lazette Gifford

didn't expect to be here...

As of this month I am not only the managing editor of Vision, but also the site administrator for Forward Motion (  Both still remain under Holly Lisle's control and rules, but I do the day-to-day decisions and maintenance.  Holly has spent five years putting daily work into the site, and with a number of new book contracts lining up (yay!), as well as a son about to hit true home schooling age, she needs more time for other things.

So, here I am... putting together Vision, trying to fix some pages at Forward Motion -- we have our own new url! -- and sorting out various login problems and posting abnormalities that come with such a large site.

Oh... and writing.  No matter what else happens, I never forget what it is that brought me both Forward Motion and Vision.  Writing has been the touchstone of my life for too many years to let it just slip now. Sometimes, in the daily crunch of time and energy sapping jobs, it's easy for people to forget their dreams and obsessions.  I don't always write as much or as often as I want to lately, but once everything settles, I have every faith that I'll be back to 'normal.'

So good luck to all of you with your own writing, and remember to enjoy it.