Vision: A Resource for Writers
Lazette Gifford, Editor

Welcome to Issue Fourteen

Lazette Gifford
2003, Lazette Gifford



No, scratch that.


Yes, that's a much better word for a writer of science fiction and fantasy.  No one has started out an article with X, you see. And I wanted to see the pretty letter (on the html version, at least).

I am in the midst of yet another novel. There's nowhere I'd rather be, but then I'm kind of crazy that way.  I rarely turn down an opportunity to write for some other form of 'entertainment.'  Nothing is as fun for me as creating stories.

Nevertheless, every few weeks I spend considerable time putting together these issues.  They're fun.  They're full of interesting ideas, and wonderful looks at how other writers create stories. The worldbuilding articles have been especially entertaining, and have sparked more than a few new ideas for me.  I hope you find as many helpful pieces as I have.

Anyway, welcome to the fourteenth issue of Vision.  Good luck with your worldbuilding, and your writing.

And now, since this is the last piece I have to do for Vision... it's back to the novel!