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The Writer's Store


By Andi Ward (Fetu)

2002, Andi Ward

I discovered this site off of the Yahoo! search engine when looking for manuscript boxes. It was the first place listed that sold them instead of talked about them. One look and I knew I'd found a writer's candy store.

According to their home page, they've been in business for twenty years. Their inventory is wide and spreads over three different fields of writing: Screenwriting, Creative Writing, and Filmmaking (though I'll admit some ignorance as to how the last is a field of writing).

I went through their Creative Writing section with my tongue hanging out of my mouth -- almost everything I could think of needing was there: software, books (most of which I cannot find at my local stores), supplies (not including things like computer hardware -- we're talking pens, boxes, binders, covers, and the like), audio and video tapes, workshops around the country (at a discount too!), even stuff for my desk to keep me organized. I was astounded by the variety and wanted more money in my budget to shop.

Being, for the most part, a web-phobe, I found the site very easy to navigate. The pages load very quickly, both at work on my T1 connection and at home on my dial-up. Placing my order was quick and painless. They had options for credit card as well as sending in a check, which I appreciated. I got a prompt email notification of my order being accepted and within a business day, had the notification of my order being shipped with the tracking number.

I am impressed with this site and recommend it to any writer who's looking for someplace to shop online that caters to what we need and use. If nothing else, it's a great candy store where I can go and press my virtual nose against the window and dream.