Vision: A Resource for Writers
Lazette Gifford, Editor

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Issue # 10: 7/1/02


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From Holly

And More Changes...

Editor's Note

You Can Never Have Too Many Cats....

Holly's Workshop

Zette's Quick Guide To Writing Short Stories


 Beth Hilgartner

Theme Articles

Adapting Earth Animals into Alien Life Forms
By  S.L. Viehl

Keep Your Eyes Open
By Valerie Serdy

Finding the 'Wild' in the Wilderness 
By Keri Bas

A Writer's Primer on Parrots 
By Jami Geimer

Horse Sense 
By Bob Billing

Horse Communication 101
By Jeri-Tallee Dawson

Sunlight and Air: The Feeding a  Fictional Horse
By Mary K. Wilson

The Heritage of the Barnyard
By Justin Stanchfield 

Felines in Fantasy:
Cliché or Clichéd?

By Heidi Elizabeth Smith 

Cats and Writers, One Cat's Opinion
By Aristophenes Mr. Robert's Cat Sloan 

Lessons Taught 
By a Siamese Friend's Life

By Cheryl Peugh

Advanced Writing

Poisoning Persons in Print
By Alison Sinclair

The Right to Revise
By Carol Stephenson

Background Color in Worldbuilding
By Steven Swain 

On Keeping a Writer’s Journal 
By Peggy Kurilla 

Just for fun...
An Argument Against 
Reading Fiction 

By T. L. Cobern

Genre Articles

Describing Fantastic Creatures 

By Jeff Reeds

Getting the Best Out of Your Bad Guys

by Teresa Hopper

Mystery & Suspense:
Get a Clue: Using Clues to Map Your Mystery 
By Rob Flumignan

Characters Romance Readers Love #2
Heroine Junkies

By Gena Hale

Science Fiction: 
The Curious Behaviour of the Altharian Tzog in the Night 
By Bob Billing

Review Articles

Web Review:
The Writer's Store
Reviewed By Andi Ward (Fetu)

Book Review: Lessons from a Lifetime of Writing
By David Morrell
Reviewed By Peggy Kurilla

Forward Motion 

Meet the Moderators:
Meet James Milton

Forward Motion:
Forward Motion in A Nutshell
By Robert A. Sloan

Good News from Forward Motion

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Vision Information




Expanded, and includes list of upcoming themes

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