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Editor's Note

You Can Never Have 
Too Many Cats...

By Lazette Gifford

2002, By Lazette Gifford

A writer just can't have too many cats, in my opinion.  Oh sure, they can take up your time and distract you when you most need to edit or write a synopsis (or am I confusing cats and plots again?).   But still... Cats and writers seem to go together.  And I certainly have enough of the little beasts to make me a best selling author.  Hmmm... Maybe there's a flaw in this plan.  Or at least a bit of cat fur in it.

It's been a busy two months, and I apologize for getting this issue out so late.  It's a wonderful issue, though, and I really think it was worth the wait.  I just had one of those stretches where life leaps up and attacks you.

Or hold it, maybe that's the cats again.