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Lazette Gifford, Editor

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Issue# 5: 09/01/01

An Interview with Douglas Clegg  
Interviewed by Shane P. Carr

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From Holly: Talent

Editor's Note: Write Because...

Holly's Workshop: Honing Your Talent

Theme Articles

An Interview with Douglas Clegg  
Interviewed by Shane P. Carr

Egomania and the Everyday Writer
By Bryn Neuenschwander

The Tale of Two Teachers
By Lazette Gifford

But I Don't Know How to Critique! 
By V. Anne Arden

Handling Criticism Gracefully
By Vicki McElfresh

The Art of Collaboration – 
a two-part article

By Dawn E. Greenlee 
and James Kenneth Mills 

Overcoming the Fear of Synopsis
By Vicki M. Taylor

Quintessential Query Letter
By Vicki M. Taylor

Fiction Writing: A Labor of Love
By Shane P. Carr

More Than Words
By Mathew Cranford

Getting Organized: A Writer's Perspective
By Jennifer St. Clair Bush

"Stop Using Those Said Bookisms," 
the Editor Shrieked

By Anne M. Marble

The Cheap Adventurer
By Justin Stanchfield

Your Modern Hobbies, Your Ancient World
Valerie Serdy

The End
By Allan Howe

Genre Articles:

Fantasy: It's Not Easy Being Green
By Sarah Jane Elliott 

Poetry: Yes, Even YOU Can Write 
(and sell) Poetry!

By Jennifer St. Clair Bush

RPG Development: The Roleplaying Game Market
By Christina Stiles

Science Fiction: Harnessing the Wild Idea
By Bob Billing

Stage & Screen: Using the Tools of An Actor
Robin Catesby

Young Adult and Children: Looking for a Writing Course 
Justin Stanchfield

Young Writer's Scene: Find Your Inner Secret Diary
By Caroline Allard

Review Articles:

Book Review:
The Forest for the Trees by Betsy Lerner
Reviewed By Shane P. Carr

Website Review: 
Del Rey Digital Writing Workshop

Reviewed By Vicki McElfresh

Writing and the Internet:
Uniformity in E-Publishing

By Lazette Gifford

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