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One of our members is no longer with us.  Jack Harness passed away on Friday, July 13, 2001. I didn't know him long or well enough.  He gave me some good critiques and I had the opportunity to read and crit one of his stories.  You'll find his posts here and there around the boards.  We'll miss you, Jack.  Here's a link to the Jack Harness memorial web site, including a picture and thoughts of those who knew Jack:  

A thread from when we first learned of our loss of Jack:  

Forum Design Contest Final Results 

Congratulations go to Holly Lisle, whose Forum was an inspiration... in more ways than one. Here is the scoring breakdown: 

Classes at Forward Motion!

Way back when I joined as a member of Holly's site, one of my favorite features was participating in the classes and workshops.  They've been on hiatus for a while, but now they're back, and better than ever.  Read all about 'em... here's the link:  

Speaking of classes and workshops, Holly is running a course of classes based on the new bible of writing: Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass.  If you want to write well, get a copy of this book!  I haven't seen it in bookstores yet, but it's out there, or you can order it from Amazon like I did.  Here's the scoop on Holly's course of classes: 

Info on registering for classes: 

Visor owners - information on various applications for your PDA: 

An interesting thread containing comments on multiple viewpoints: 

Is it a novel?

Here's another interesting thread on how you know if you have a novel-worthy idea (as opposed to a short story idea), with comments about "padding" the story out to novel length:


Zette takes really interesting pictures.  Have a look.  Maybe they'll inspire a story for you.  Here are a couple of links: 

Dewdrops and the Short Story classes:

A tiny backyard flower: 

I particularly liked the boy, teddy bear and dragon in the clouds: 

A peacock, 24 stories sold in 24 months and a national award: 

Also from Zette: What to do when stories hit:


Should you have love scenes in your fantasy or SF stories?  Here's the thread for a discussion on that topic.

How about movie fight scenes?  How should you write fight scenes in your novel?

Writing Mythology

The class on Developing Mythological Systems spawned a thread of comments with lots of good information.  Check it out: 

More on mythology -- unsystematic mythology:

Bob Billing asks for help!  No tension - or what's wrong with the WIP?

This is a thread that gives you a look at some of Bob's work and comments various members have made about how to improve it: 

Keeping Stories in line

Ever have that feeling that one of your ideas has escaped you and is merrily writing itself into a huge monolith?  Comments about writing your story: 

What you MUST have for fantasy

An interesting debate: 

Sequels and trilogies and selling your work:

Justin Stanchfield asks: What was the seed?

What was the first book any of you read, or movie or television program you watched, that made you sit up and say "Hey! I could do this!" What lit the fire inside you to become a writer? 

Some of Holly's books are available for free:

Fire in the Mist: 

Vengeance of Dragons:

Fantasy archetypes:  

There's more -- lots more.  The links above are just a sample. 

When you look at the discussion board, especially if you haven't been there in a while, do you look at more than one page?  The writers' board is our most active board, and there are lots of threads with all kinds of interesting discussions, as well as general information that you may find useful in your stories.  When you get to the bottom of the page, you'll see "Next >>" at the lower right.  Click on that to take you to the next page.  The posts are in "most recent first" order, and we keep most old posts, so there's a lot of stuff you can peruse.  See the numbers (i.e.: 1 through 25?) at the bottom?  You can click on any of those to go directly to that page.  At the time of this writing, there are 137 pages dating back to May of 2000 -- over a year of accumulated information.  Enjoy! 

-- Jim Mills