Vision: A Resource for Writers
Lazette Gifford, Editor
Holly Lisle's Vision

From Holly Lisle
The Edge

2001, Holly Lisle

Welcome to the fogged edge of reality, to the blurred point where writing steps away from the clear bright light of the known and embraces infinite and unsettling possibilities. In this issue we hope to introduce you to some of those possibilities, and to let you discover on your own ways of using some of these touches of the weird in your own writing, no matter what genre or genres you claim as home turf.

On a more mundane, but still writing-related issue, I'd like to invite you to write an article for Vision.  In the guidelines of this issue, you'll find not only our submission and formatting rules, but also our list of upcoming issue themes (and article ideas for each theme) and deadlines for the next eight issues.

We are the ultimate beginners market -- we hope to be able to accept most of the submissions we receive, and in keeping with our whole reason for doing the e-zine, we consider working with new and unpublished writers an opportunity to let you learn how to write, submit, and revise to editorial request. If you're shaky about trying this or uncertain about your skills -- but willing to keep working on your article until it's publishable -- we'll work with you until it's ready.

I look forward to seeing what you can do.