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Jim Mills

2001, Jim Mills

The Crit Circle Classifieds Board  is the place to look for crit circles seeking members, and for people looking to exchange crits. The Crit Circle Master Index is a list of all the crit circles on Holly's site, with details on where to find the circle, who moderates it, whether it's open and accepting new members, etc.  

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There have been a few changes lately that I'd like to call to your attention.  

New Circle looking for members, or existing circles calling for members:  


The Non-fiction Crit Circle in the Genre Fiction and Critiques area.

Pirate's Den  

This crit circle is now open to sf and fantasy writers, with both novels and short stories accepted.  The circle is primarily for 'adventure' fantasy and 'space opera' sf -- which means we stress character and adventure over science -- though that does not mean that science is ignored.  

Lazette Gifford ( )  

Changes to existing circles:  

Vicki McElfresh (Tayana) will be the new Young Writers' moderator and is taking over the Young Writers' boards.

Young Writers' Scene Forum:

Young Writers I

- Where: Young Writers' Scene

- Status: open

- Moderator: Vicki McElfresh ( )  

YWS Uncharted Territory Crit Circle

Young Writers II

- Where: Young Writers' Scene

- Status: merged into Young Writers I  

YW Short Story Workshop 

 Recent Crit Circle Classifieds:  

A place to get the kinks out of your love scene (hmm, that doesn't sound right...)  

Anne M. Marble Moderator

Even if you're not a romance writer, you can still get help with romantic subplots, scenes, dialogue, etc. You can ask questions, post excerpts for critiques... whatever your heart desires.  

For help with those inconvenient romances that crop up in your stories, go to The Mushy Parts Thread.

Romance Crit Circles Are Looking for New Chapters

Anne M. Marble Moderator  

Join one of the Romance Crit Circles, and post your work. If you're really shy, you don't have to join the circle, just post. 

We can't help you become a better writer if you don't post anything.  

The Romance Crit Circles can be found here:

And there are at least ten messages in the last few months from people requesting crits.  Please help them out.  Posters: once you have enough crits, please let me know (just leave a "please delete" message as a reply to your post) and I'll delete your crit request posting for you.

I hope that this has been of help.  Please remember to check the Crit Circle Classifieds board often for any updates, people seeking to exchange crits, etc.