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Issue # 3: 04/01/01

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Otherwhens: A Theory of Alternate History
By J. S. Burke
Blunting the Knife
By Alison Sinclair
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By Katherine Derbyshire
Making Dreams into Reality
By Jennifer St. Clair Bush
Fear and Crisis
By Michael E. Norman
A Triad of Religious Articles
By Sarah Jane Elliott 
     Peggy Kurilla 
     Bryn Neuenschwander
Classic Structure in the Horror Novel
By Ron Brown
Poetry Revival
By Lazette Gifford
E-Books and the Romance Field
By Anne M. Marble
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By Bob Billing
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Preparing for Your First Mystery
By Lazette Gifford
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Turn Personal Struggles into Books for Children
Laura Backes
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Write What You Know -- Or What You Want?
By Beth Adele Long
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Many brave men lived before Agamemnon; but all are overwhelmed in eternal night, unwept, unknown, because they lack a sacred poet.

Horace, Epodes

Poetry Revival 

By Lazette Gifford

2001, Lazette Gifford 

Not long ago I found myself in the midst of an on-line debate about whether poetry was a dead art, completely outmoded for today's world and better left to the past.  While I never believed that the genre was even close to dying, I do think that the Internet has helped create a renaissance in the appreciation of poetry.  The genre is very much alive on the 'Net, and scattered everywhere are wonderful sites for both writing and reading -- and in some cases listening -- to poetry.  This month's article will cover a few of the other places to look for poetry-related material, both how-to articles and examples.   

Like any type of writing, a person needs to immerse herself in the genre in order to understand and appreciate what she is writing.  So here are some links to places where you can study both the art and the technique of writing poetry.  

Some of these sites will be better than others, and some more helpful for one style or another.  But check them out, and learn what a vibrant and lively art poetry can be, even in today's world! 

(Please note that most of  these were chosen at random, and does not mean Vision or Forward Motion support them.)

The Academy of American Poets


Read, listen, and learn about the state of poetry in America today.

Poetic Voices


A support group for poets, with on-line reading lists, contests, markets and hundreds of poetry-related links



Critiques and discussions on many aspects of poetry.

The Semantic Rhyming Dictionary



Type in a word below to find its rhymes, synonyms, and more

A Unique Guide for the Study of Poetry



Phonetic pronunciation, cross references, broad range of definitions, examples, hyper-linked keywords & cross references, and a  wealth of poetic quotations

Poetry Today Online



Proudly serving Internet poets since 1997 -- contests, publishers, workshops and more

GO! Poetry



The show broadcasts spoken word and literary performances, by New York City and international poetry figures, - LIVE every Monday 9pm EST. GO! Poetry produces film, live theatre, poetry events and workshops with outreach to young & old.

Welcome to the Interactive Poetry Pages



Real-time poetry collaboration. You are invited to add a line to a poem in progress and view the finished works.

Electronic Poetry Center



EPC serves as a central gateway to resources in electronic poetry and poetics produced at the University at Buffalo as well as elsewhere on the Internet. 

English translations of Chinese poems



A lovely page of translations, with Chinese ideograms and English words

Irish Poetry



Irish Poetry is famous and continues to draw considerable notice.  Check out this nice little site for some samples.

Cowboy Poetry



Cowboy Poetry is a growing favorite in many areas of the world.

There are also several sites on line where you might sell your poetry.  Here are just a few places that are interested in poems.  Check them out and see if any of them are right for you (Again, only presented as an example):

Alexandria Digital Literature -- http://www.alexlit.com 

Along Zalandra Terrace -- http://www.zalandra.com 

Alternate Realities Webzine -- http://www.alternaterealitieszine.com 

Apocalypse Fiction Magazine -- http://www.apocalypsefiction.com 

Dark Moon Rising -- http://www.darkmoonrising.com 

Dark Planet -- http://www.sfsite.com/darkplanet/ 

Digital Catapult -- http://www.digital-catapult.com 

Electric Wine -- http://www.electricwine.com 

EOTU -- http://www.clamcity.com/eotu.html 

Fables -- http://www.fables.org 

Moondance -- http://www.moondance.org 

Muse It -- http://www.museit.com 

Neverworlds -- http://www.neverworlds.com 

ProMart -- http://promartian.com 

Savvy Click Magazine -- http://www.thesavvyclick.com 

Strange Horizons -- http://www.strangehorizons.com/

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