Issue #3: 05/01/01

A Note from Holly Lisle
What Matters
A Note for Lazette Gifford
Gauging Success

Deeper People
Feature Articles
Otherwhens: A Theory of Alternate History
By J. S. Burke
Blunting the Knife
By Alison Sinclair
Reporting for Fiction
By Katherine Derbyshire
Making Dreams into Reality
By Jennifer St. Clair Bush
Fear and Crisis
By Michael E. Norman
A Triad of Religious Articles
By Sarah Jane Elliott 
     Peggy Kurilla 
     Bryn Neuenschwander
Classic Structure in the Horror Novel
By Ron Brown
Poetry Revival
By Lazette Gifford
E-Books and the Romance Field
By Anne M. Marble
Science Fiction: 
By Bob Billing
Suspense & Mystery:
Preparing for Your First Mystery
By Lazette Gifford
Young Adult & Children:
Turn Personal Struggles into Books for Children
Laura Backes
Young Writer's Scene:
Write What You Know -- Or What You Want?
By Beth Adele Long
Book Reviews
Screenplay: The Foundations of Screen Writing
Reviewed by Shane P. Carr
Web Site Reviews
AImovie.Com, Tangent Online
By Beth Adele Long
So What's New?
By Jim Mills
From the Writers' Board
News from Forward Motion

Vision is the art of
seeing the invisible.

Jonathan Swift, 
Thoughts on Various Subjects; from Miscellanies (1711)

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Welcome to the third edition of Holly Lisle's Vision: A Resource for Writers.  We're half way through our first year!  Thank you to everyone who as contributed, read, and commented on the publication.  We do plan some restructuring for the next issue, and we hope that you'll like the changes.

 Like the previous two issues, this one is available Adobe Acrobat™ and Palm Systems™ downloadable versions.  We also have a new archive section for the on-line back issues.

Vision is a bi-monthly E-Magazine, and our next issue will be published on July 1, 2001.  Vision is also an extension of the Forward Motion Writer's Community.  All material  presented here is written by members of Forward Motion.  For guidelines, please check the masthead information page.

In this issue you will find:

A Welcome Note from Holly Lisle:
What Matters

 Lazette Gifford, Managing Editor
Gauging Success By Your Own Standards

Holly Lisle's Writer's Workshop #3
Deeper People

Feature articles on:

How would a change in history affect the world?  Read about the fine art of creating alternate histories.  (Otherwhens: A Theory of Alternate History)

Faced with rewriting, some people can take the art of polishing a story too far.  (Blunting the Knife)

How to interview people in the real world to make your fiction better.  (Reporting for Fiction)

Pursuing dreams can be painful -- but it can also . (Making Dreams into Reality)

How to make the critical moments of your story seem more alive to your reader by handling the mechanics of fear.   (Fear and Crisis) 

Genre Related Articles:

Fantasy: A special look at religion in fantasy -- or SF -- by three different authors. (A Triad of Religious Articles

HorrorWhen learning to write horror, it might be best to look at the early models and examine how they worked.  (Classic Structure in the Horror Novel)

PoetryPoetry is a thriving medium of expression, with a great community on the Internet.  (Poetry Revival)

Romance: Romance novels have found a definite resurgence on the Internet.  (E-Books and the Romance Field)

Science Fiction: How to start making believable future technologies. (Eureka!)

Suspense and Mystery: Learn the basics types of mysteries and some of the first steps in starting your manuscript. (Preparing for Your First Mystery)

Young Adult and Children: Writing about real life problems can transform manuscripts for children . (Turn Personal Struggles into Books for Children)

Young Writer's Scene: Everyone has heard 'write what you know' -- but is that always the best answer? (Write What You know -- or What You Want?)

And other articles:

Book review: Shane P. Carr reviews Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting by Syd Field

Web Site Review:, and Tangent On-Line.

And a look at what's going on at the Forward Motion Writer's Community: So What's New?, some fun material From the Writers' Board, and (once again!) a great list of publication-related news from members of the community in News From Forward Motion.

Tell us about: What sort of material would you like to see in future issues of Vision?

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