From Holly Lisle

2001, Holly Lisle

Issue # 2: 03/01/01

Visualization For Writers
Feature Articles
Creating and Using Language in Fiction
By Damon M. Lord
A, B, C: Beith, Luis, Nin
By Bryn Neuenschwander
Genetics in Storytelling
By Allison Starkweather
Creating Character Extras to Enhance Your Story
By Shane P. Carr
At a Loss for Words
By Vicki McElfresh
The Alternative Rules
By Lazette Gifford
A Man in Beast's Clothing
By Sarah Jane Elliott
What Is Horror?
By Teresa Hopper
How-to Haiku
By Jennifer St. Clair Bush
Research Flaws in Romance Novels
By Anne M. Marble
Science Fiction: 
Tuning the Universe
By Bob Billing
Stage & Screen: 
The Dual Landscape of Plot and Story
By Robin Catesby
Suspense & Mystery:
Scene of the Crime
By Shane P. Carr
Young Adult & Children:
A Question of Style
By Justin Stanchfield
Young Writer's Scene:
Befriending the Internal Editor
By Beth Adele Long
Book Reviews
The Writing Life by Annie Dillard
Reviewed by Beth Adele Long
Web Site Reviews
The Forward Motion Web Site
By Lazette Gifford
Helpful Pointers for Community Members
By Jim Mills
From the Writers' Board
News from Forward Motion


What do we at Vision and at Forward Motion hope to give you with our magazine, our writers’ community, and our website? 

Do we hope to teach you to write?  No.  Writing can be learned, but not truly taught.  I can tell you what works for me, and other writers can tell you what works for them, but until you start writing regularly, you will have no idea what works for you. 

Do we think that we can get you published?  No.   We have no secret ties to the publishing industry; no ins with editors – even our own – that will allow us to get you through the door; no magic connections to agents – not even our own – that will guarantee you representation, or even improve your chances.   

Do we think we can make the road to publication easier for you in any way?  No.  Any gains you make, you will have to make alone, just as every one of us has had to make our way up the mountain by our own path, one handhold and shaky foothold at a time.  There is no easy way, and there is not even any easier way. 

Then why should you waste your time reading this e-zine, or any writing publication?  Why should you seek a writers’ group; why should you join a community, why should you listen to anything we have to say? 

Because if we can inspire you to take action, you will have gained the one thing from us that is truly ours to give.  Reading about writing will never make you a writer, but writing regularly will – and by joining us, reading about what we are doing, sharing what you are doing, you will get the encouragement to act that can move you from having a dream to living your dream.  In its purest form, you will find this call to action on the Daily Page Count board, where writers go in each day and just write down how many words or pages they have written, and how each day’s writing went.  You will find it on the Writers’ Fitness Challenge board, where writers who have made a commitment to living healthier lives post their fitness goals, their plans for reaching their goals, and how they’re taking action on those plans.   

But each critique circle, each writing discussion on the main board, and each article in this e-zine is a subtler call to action.  You’ll find ideas that interest you, suggestions that pique your curiosity, bits of information that give you a different lens through which to view some aspect of the world, or your life, or your writing.  If you just read these boards and articles, and never take action, then for you we have failed.  But if you are stirred, challenged, excited enough to sit down and start pulling the words out of your imagination and transferring them to the page, we have succeeded, because we will have served as a link between you and your dream. 

Act.  In action lies change, and in change lies the road between you and the vision you hold for your own future. 

Write, believe, and never give up on your dreams, 

Holly Lisle
Editor-In-Chief,  Vision


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