Vision: A Resource for Writers
Lazette Gifford, Editor

Just Do It

n this issue we're talking about doing the actual work.  You know -- the stuff that goes beyond thinking up neat characters and drawing maps of every known city in your universe.  The work is the part where you sit down and write.

No matter how much background work you do (or don't do), or how fast you type, or what program you use to work on -- in the end, you have to write the story.  Great character creation, worldbuilding, and massive outlines are not going to make a story.

You have to do it.

Some people find the idea of actually writing the story frightening. They'll do all the pre-work forever, as long as they don't have to commit to producing a product.

But that's to you, right? 

There is no substitution for creating the stories.  Nothing else you do will make those stories appear.  You have to write.

I love to write stories.  It's what I do most often, and what I choose to do even when I don't have to.  Sitting down and pulling all the material together to write is not a problem for me.  I write every day, and even when I'm not writing, I'm often thinking about writing.

Gather up all your character sheets, your outlines and your maps and sit down to tell your tale.  No one else will tell the story but you.

You are a writer.  Go to it.