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Good News From Forward Motion

atest publishing news from our members.

Memory of Fire -- Take a look at the big cover here ...Holly's latest book is in the bookstores!  If you can't find it order it from your local book stores!  (This is better for authors than ordering on-line -- it keeps their numbers up where they count!)

Vincalis the AgitatorCover work for Holly's new novel, Vincallis the Agitator

Look for it in bookstores now!

Holly Lisle's acclaimed trilogy THE SECRET TEXTS is the epic adventure of heroes battling a resurrected evil that had nearly destroyed the world a millennium before. Now Holly Lisle take readers back to the days of that ancient apocalypse -- and to the decadent heart of a fantastic, doomed empire . . .

Glory of the Dragons

Based on a science of sorcery called Dragon magic, the Hars Ticlarim is a miraculous place of mansions built on clouds and gardens blooming diamonds beneath canopies of captive stars. But this incomparable beauty hides a dark core: Dragon magic draws its power from the agony of slaves who are killed for sorcerous fuel. And for three thousand years, no one has dared question the empire's inhuman cruelty . . . until now.

Wraith, a boy with an uncanny power, seeks the art to foment a revolution within the Hars Ticlarim. Solander, a brilliant young mage, believed he has discovered a totally new form of magic. Luercas, a sadistic noble, will commit any crime that furthers his ambition. All three are clever, resolute, driven -- and naive. For they challenge the rulers of a globe-spanning power that has endured for millennia -- rulers who will do anything to stay in power forever . . .

Holly Lisle's current books -- on the stands now!


Holly Lisle's Talyn and Romantic Fantasy #2 have sold to Tor!

Sheila Kelly (aka S.L. Viehl/Gena Hale/Jessica Hall/Rebecca Kelly) Sold an as of yet untitled Christmas adult Christian fiction novel, to Guideposts International Book and Media Division, rush deadline of September, to be released December 2003. This is the fourth book she's sold  to Guideposts since November.

S.L. Viehl was made an offer from the Science Fiction Book Club to make her novel Blade Dancer a featured alternate selection.  

Wen Spencer has been nominated for the Campbell award as best new genre writer of the year.

Tamara Siler Jones has sold Ghosts in the Snow, the first book in a three book contract, to Bantam Dell.


Barbara Davies has a short story 'Crying for the Moon' at  Twilight Times website. You can read it (for free) here: 

And 'Morris and the Unicorn' is now up in the Summer '03 issue of Fables ezine. You can read it free here: 

She also sold a fantasy story to Adventurous! An ezine for Readers and Gamers.  


Helen Flatley saw the publication of Videogaming, by Helen Flatley and Michael French.  It's a small (96 pages, 37,000 words) book that covers the history of videogames, mini-reviews of the most important and best games, and cultural essays on videogaming. Pocket Essentials is a small UK publisher who are mainly known for publishing affordable books on film directors, but they have recently started to branch out into other areas.


Patter had a poem accepted by Dark Animus


Jim Mills' story Charlie Killer (horror) will appear on during the month of June 2003. Enjoy! 

Justin Stanchfield made a sale to Cricket! 

He also sold a story to Boys' Life -- exactly seven years to a day since his first story sale, also to Boys' Life.   

His science fiction story, "Trader Pig," is currently up on!


Jennifer Dunne won the EPPIE Award for Best Ebooks in two categories -- Shadow Prince for Fantasy and Shifters for Anthology.


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