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Issue # 12: 11/01/02


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From Holly

The old year passeth...

Editor's Note

The End of Our Second Year


Do More Than See


Deron Douglas, 
Double Dragon Press

Preparing for the New Year

Writing is Giving
By Katherine Derbyshire

Preparing for 2003  At Forward Motion
By Lazette Gifford

Overcoming Writer's Block  
By Linda Adams

The Healthy Writer
By S. Labloch

Theme Articles

Limning the Fire of Jazz  
By Matthias Hoefler

The Arts in Worldbuilding: Music for Your Fantasy World  
By K.R. Mercik

Cavemen, Explosions and Psychothyretics: The Future History of Art  
By Bob Billing

Can Genre Fiction Be Art?  
By Theresa Smith

Advanced Writing

NaNoWriMo Madness Strikes Forward Motion!  

“Keep Attribution Simple...”
By Louis E. Catron 

How Holly Lisle's Vision Led Me  to $7,000 in Sales ... 
by J. Harlowe

Revision Letters: Wide Angle  and Zoom Lenses Required 
By Carol Stephenson

Writing Effective Dreams
by Robert A. Sloan

So -- Where Do You Get  Your Ideas From?  
By John Ravenscroft

Genre Articles


Why I Like My Fantasy Ole Skool
By Eric West

Mystery & Suspense:

A Murderous Art:  Theme And the Modern Mystery  
By Rob Flumignan 


Plotting the Romance Novel  
By Andi Ward & June Drexler

Young Adult & Children:

Storytelling For Children
By Jim Francis

Young Writer's Scene:

Taking the Plunge  
by Radika Meganathan 


Book Review:

Review: The First Five Pages By Noah Lukeman  
Reviewed by Gerri Baker

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Kay House (strigidae)

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