Vision: A Resource for Writers
Lazette Gifford, Editor

Passing Time

By Lazette Gifford

2002, Lazette Gifford

As I look out my office window, I'm reminded that summer will soon be fading to autumn.  The year is going by so quickly!  I love to watch the seasons change, despite it being a visual reminder that time does not stand still -- though on some cold, snowy days it does seem to pause a bit.

This has been a good year for Vision.  We have only one more issue of the ezine this year, in fact.  Although I have, unfortunately, been late with a couple issues, we've pulled it off in the end.  It's looked good, and we continue to hear from people who have found the articles helpful.

Vision is a labor of love for everyone who works on it, and the only payment any of us gets is a kind word from those who read the ezine.  So if you enjoy the articles, let us know.

And enjoy this issue.  Marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of every writer's life as publishers devote less and less time to anyone but the top names.  I hope you find helpful information.