Issue 1: 01/01/01

January 1, 2001 
Premiere Issue 

Feature Articles
Making Histories
By J.S. Burke
Women and Childbearing 
in Fantasy

By Bryn Neuenschwander
Matching Your Money to Your World 
By Ron Brown
Capturing Time for the Muse
By Vicki McElfresh
In Praise of Praise:
A Second Look at Critiquing

By Lazette Gifford
Building a Better Beast
By Sarah Jane Elliott
State of the Horror Genre
By Ron Brown
Poetry and Everyday  Life
By Jennifer St. Clair Bush
Your Characters Are 
Not Puppets

By Anne M. Marble
Science Fiction: 
Are We Going Somewhere 

By Bob Billing
Stage & Screen: 
The Promise of Premise
By Robin Catesby
Suspense & Mystery:
The Motives of Villains 
and Heroes in Suspense Fiction
By Shane P. Carr
Young Adult & Children:
The Gulf
By Justin Stanchfield
Young Writer's Scene:
Five Practical Tips for Young Writers
By Beth Adele Long
Book Reviews
Web Site Reviews
How Critique Circles Work
By Jim Mills
Doggerel Contest Winner
News from Forward Motion

Vision is the art of
seeing the invisible.

Jonathan Swift, 
Thoughts on Various Subjects; from Miscellanies (1711)

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Welcome to the first Issue of Holly Lisle's Vision: A Resource for Writers.  

Vision is a new, bi-monthly E-Magazine that is offered in .html, Adobe Acrobat™ and Palm Systems™.  We hope that you will find the articles interesting and helpful. Although some articles are placed under a genre heading, I suggest you look at all the pieces offered in this issue.  Anne M. Marble's Your Characters Are Not Puppets is applicable to all types of writing, as is Shane P. Carr's Motives of Villains and Heroes in Suspense Fiction.  

Vision is also an extension of the Forward Motion Writer's Community.  All material  presented here is written by members of Forward Motion.  

In this issue you will find:

A welcome note from Holly Lisle

A message from  Lazette Gifford, 
Managing Editor

Feature articles on:

How to give your fictional worlds historical backgrounds that will lend depth to the manuscript. (Making Histories)

An article on how cultural development can affect the roles women play in your fantasy stories. (Women and Childbearing in Fantasy)

How to create a simple, working monetary system for your fictional world. (Matching Your Money to Your World )

What to do when you find yourself saying 'I don't have time to write.' (Capturing Time for the Muse)

How to help writers beyond just telling them what's wrong with their stories. (In Praise of Praise: A Second Look at Critiquing)

Genre Related Articles:

Fantasy: Here are some tips on creating believable and viable fantasy creatures that readers will find fascinating (Building a Better Beast)

Horror: Are you dismayed every time you look for new horror books in the stores? Here's good news for those who want to write in this genre (State of the Horror Genre)

Poetry: Nearly everyone has written a poem at one time or another. Take a little time to notice the world and the poetry around you (Poetry and Everyday Life)

Romance: The Silly Big Misunderstanding Plot, Too Stupid To Live Heroines, and Distrustful Heroes -- and how to avoid them. (Your Characters Are Not Puppets)

Science Fiction: Is there a trend away from the dark material of cyberpunk and a look at a better future?  (Are We Going Somewhere Nice?)

Stage and Script: A conversation with Bill Johnson on the craft of dramatic storytelling, with helpful suggestions that any writer can use.  (The Promise of Premise)

Suspense and Mystery: How to bring humanity and reason to the actions of your villains. (The Motives of Villains and Heroes in Suspense Fiction)

Young Adult and Children: Remembering what was important while growing up and see how to adapt that when writing about kids today.  (The Gulf)

Young Writer's Scene: Balancing writing with school and home can be tricky.  Here are five tips to start younger writers out on the right track (Five Practical Tips for Young Writers)

And other articles:

Book review: Stephen King's ‘On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft’ by Shane P. Carr

Web Site Review:  offers considerable material and advice for upcoming writers

And a look at what's going on at the Forward Motion Writer's Community: Forward Motion News, Doggerel Contest Winner, How Crit Circles Work

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