Lazette Gifford, Managing Editor

2001, Lazette Gifford

Issue #1: 01/01/01

Feature Articles
Making Histories
By J.S. Burke
Women and Childbearing 
in Fantasy

By Bryn Neuenschwander
Matching Your Money to Your World 
By Ron Brown
Capturing Time for the Muse
By Vicki McElfresh
In Praise of Praise:
A Second Look at Critiquing

By Lazette Gifford
Building a Better Beast
By Sarah Jane Elliott
State of the Horror Genre
By Ron Brown
Poetry and Everyday  Life
By Jennifer St. Clair Bush
Your Characters Are 
Not Puppets

By Anne M. Marble
Science Fiction: 
Are We Going Somewhere 

By Bob Billing
Stage & Screen: 
The Promise of Premise
By Robin Catesby
Suspense & Mystery:
The Motives of Villains 
and Heroes in Suspense Fiction
By Shane P. Carr
Young Adult & Children:
The Gulf
By Justin Stanchfield
Young Writer's Scene:
Five Practical Tips for Young Writers
By Beth Adele Long
Book Reviews
Web Site Reviews
How Critique Circles Work
By Jim Mills
Doggerel Contest Winner
News from Forward Motion

Those who write are the true people of vision.  They see fantastic, exotic places in their minds, and they hear the voices of people who do not speak to anyone else.  Unfortunately, writers always fail to transform the clarity of that vision into their stories.  Words will forever fall short of capturing what a writer sees in the mind's eye; but it is the degree of failure that marks the read from the unread, and the published from the unpublished. 

Holly Lisle's Vision E-magazine is a publication offering help to writers pursuing that difficult transition between personal imagination and written prose.  Vision is also a gateway to the Holly Lisle Forward Motion Writer's Community, where you will find other writers on that same path.  Some may be behind you and others ahead, but the community is filled with people sharing similar goals, and facing the same obstacles. The path to publication is easier to follow when you have guides and friends to help you along the way.

 I hope that you find interesting and useful material in Vision.  I also hope that you will join us in the Forward Motion Writer's Community.

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